Case Studies

Let’s talk real-world examples...

Each of our clients is truly a case study, but we’ve selected four particularly telling cases that show the breadth of our skill and what is possible through J. Michael Strategies.


Maximum CEO

Create A Revenue Stream in 90 Days

Maximum CEO is the flagship product of Dr. Dean Radtke’s Ministry Institute. It is a virtual course for Christian leaders hosted on their Learning Management System.


J. Michael Strategies was tasked with creating a digital revenue stream in 90 days or less.


We built a massive email list by providing a free e-book, which drove cost per lead below $1. From there a retargeting campaign drove prospects to take advantage of a series of discounted offers to buy the course.


Using order bumps and upsells, we increased average ticket price and are currently generating a ROAS of 2.5+. 


Tapped into that owned traffic to create retargeting campaigns that are responsible for 75% of sales.


On a trajectory to obtain a ROAS of 5+ based on our strategies.

money up.png

Designed upsell opportunities that doubled average ticket price.

Elevate Medical

Build A Lead Flow From Scratch

Elevate Medical Clinic is a hormone therapy clinic that offers a variety of options to improve the overall health and daily life of both men & women. They specialize in Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


J. Michael Strategies was tasked with driving leads digitally - as there had been no sustained lead flow in the past. There had only been referral and foot traffic business.


Using primarily social media video ads, we carved out a lead flow, which is currently exploding with dozens of new consultations monthly.


Leads produced by our funnels and traffic have allowed Elevate to open a second clinic that is rapidly growing.

noun_creative (1).png
noun_split_ (1).png
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Built high quality video ads that are engaging and effective.

Created separate campaigns to address a male and a female audience.

Built a digital lead flow from the ground up that is now growing the business rapidly.

Legacy Minded Men

Build a YouTube Channel Following

Legacy Minded Men is a non-profit men’s ministry resource company that supports men from all over the world. 


J. Michael Strategies was tasked with building a YouTube subscribership that can ultimately be used as a revenue stream.


The channel already had several dozen videos, but was disorganized and unengaging. Our team rebuilt the channel, reworked headlines and promoted certain videos and live events to increase viewership.


When we began, the LMM Channel had almost zero subscribers. Within 90 days, there were 1200 relevant and active subscribers.


Worked with the LMM team to craft the right headlines to engage viewers organically.

noun_View_ (1).png

In 90 days, viewership increased to over 126,000 views across the channel.


Hosted a live Easter event that had over 7,000 live views and added over 300 subscribers.

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