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Start, Scale or Sell Your Business…

It All Starts With The Right

Marketing Strategy

At the end of the day, you’re seeking a marketing solution because you want to build, scale or sell your business. You want to make sure you’re using the most efficient methods to drive actual results…results that translate into dollars in the bank. You deserve that, and nothing should stop you from achieving that.

But the marketing industry is broken. On one extreme, there are shiny agencies that are usually only interested in selling you a fragment of what your marketing program ought to be, based on their own specialties. In many cases, it’s more about flash than it is about getting you the results you desire..

On the other extreme, there’s [virtually] unlimited access to marketing platforms that are do-it-yourself friendly. For the frugal business owner, this might seem like the most economical route. But without guidance, many business owners spend thousands of dollars on things like Facebook ads and website builders before they realize that they should’ve left it to the experts.

On both sides of the spectrum, most entrepreneurs find themselves digging deeper and deeper into the marketing money pit, leading to frustration, financial loss, and worst of all: no results.

So what is a business owner who simply wants to generate real results for their business to do?

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It All Starts With The Right


Can Someone Just

Tell Me What To Do?!

Owning a business is tough work. There are plenty of more important things for business owners to do than worrying about how to spend a marketing budget effectively.

Effective marketing requires a results-oriented strategy. Rarely is success found with a theoretical, over-hyped, cookie-cutter strategy. You don’t need the 15 Secrets to the 5 Steps of [insert something clever here].

You need to know what to do right now: what’s the next domino to fall? What is my next move? Will someone just tell me what to do?!

There’s no cheat code or on-switch to generating results. You can’t just throw money at it either, believe it or not. Results that build longevity are the yield of a strong foundation: a results-oriented strategy.

That’s why we created the Strategic Mastermind program. This is your starting line toward real results.


The Strategic Mastermind


The Strategic Mastermind with J. Michael Strategies is any business owner’s key to a marketing strategy that is practical and actionable.

Imagine…” practical and actionable” in the marketing industry.

Get the direction you crave during a set of two 90-minute intensive strategy meetings held in a live or virtual environment between our panel of lead marketing experts and your team.

Build Your Roadmap To Success With The J. Michael Team

During your Strategic Mastermind, your business, its goals and its capabilities are the focus as our team works with you to construct the results-oriented strategy that makes the most sense for you. You and your team will…

  • Determine the very next set of actions your company needs to take to build, grow or sell…

  • Learn how to spend (or not spend) your marketing dollars for the greatest reach, efficiency and ROI…

  • Get access to our A-list contractors who are eager to serve you, or, learn how to use your own team effectively manage the strategy..

No one is too small or too far along to reap the benefits of a Strategy Mastermind. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or are looking for a course correction, real growth starts at J. Michael Strategies.

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We’re Entrepreneurs

Just Like You

We’re business owners like yourself. We have a combined thirty-five years of marketing experience across a wide breadth of industries. As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve built several 7-figure companies and generated millions of dollars in sales for other businesses.

The secret? Time, money, and… failure. We’ve learned how to do it right only by learning the hard way how not to do it. That’s why we are so passionate about offering results-oriented strategies. We are eager to share what we know so business owners like you don’t have to repeat our mistakes…and can share in their successes.

Over 35 Years of Combined Experience

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  • Fitness Industry

  • Global Franchising

  • Business Brokerage

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Food & Beverage

  • Print Media

  • Sports Marketing

  • App Development

  • Software Development

  • IT Sales

  • Christian Ministry

  • Retail


Industry Specialists

Curated For Your Needs

In addition to the dedicated time you’ll receive from the J. Michael Strategies team, we bring in experts of various fields from the outside to weigh in and provide insight based on their specialties. Depending on your needs you may meet some or all of these incredible specialists.

Case Studies

Let’s talk real-world examples...

Each of our clients is truly a case study, but we’ve selected three particularly telling cases that show the breadth of our skill and what is possible through J. Michael Strategies.

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Nurture Brands

From Zero To
A 7-Figure Value

Nurture Brands came to J. Michael Strategies with a product and an idea. They wanted to sell the world’s most comfortable dog bed. They had a great product, but they hadn’t sold a single unit. They knew they had a winning e-commerce product but they didn’t know how to get there.

We directed them to test different audiences and angles, explore various platforms and engage audiences that made the most sense. They took the time to build a foundation to scale upon. We built them a budget, established metric-oriented goals, and then pushed them out to sea.

In their first month, they did $6,000.
Second month, $15,000
Third month, $30,000

In their 6th month, Nurture Brands brought in over $160,000 in exclusively online sales.

Almost overnight, we were able to take a nothing burger of a brand and transform it into a high-performing company that was recently sold at a valuation of $1.05 million dollars.

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Maximum CEO

Offline Stalling To
Online Success

Maximum CEO is a pastoral leadership course taught by Dr. Dean Radtke. For 25 years, Maximum CEO was sold live and in person at seminar-style teaching events. Dr. Radtke would travel all over the world to teach and sell his high-ticket program. Until 2020.

Just like everyone else, Dr. Radtke had to figure out how to continue to push sales without doing so in a live environment.

We were able to quickly build a digital roadmap for online success based on what had already been working offline over the past 25 years. Maximum CEO now does about $60,000 per month and is 
on their way to a million-dollar year in 2022.

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Elevate Medical Clinic

When You Have To Open A New Location

Elevate Medical Clinic is a hormone therapy clinic that offers a variety of options to improve the overall health and daily life of both men & women. They specialize in Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

J. Michael Strategies was tasked with developing a lead generation strategy as there had been no sustained lead flow in the past. There had only been referral and foot traffic business.

Using primarily a Facebook ads strategy, we carved out a lead flow, which is currently exploding with dozens of new consultations monthly.

Leads produced by our recommended funnels and traffic strategy have created such a heavy lead flow that Elevate needed to open a second clinic that is rapidly growing.

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Build. Scale. Sell.

With a Results-Oriented


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